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From: ReduxFlakes - Posted on: 24 Sep 2023

First off, you might think that this idea of "creating a blog" is silly since most people nowadays only use social media as their main source of content. However, social media isn't in any way similar to an actual blog because a blog is owned by (and only) you, and this means that you can do whatever you want! This goes true across rules, censorship, and content format.

You might simply reply, "I don't know how to code" or "I don't know how to build a website". But we literally live in the future! Currently it's possible to build websites from scratch without touching any HTML, CSS, or JS thanks to tools known as "No-Code Platforms".

Some no-code website builders include:

With that being said, we now have something to work on, but we are failing to understand the point of having a blog, which is to offer content.

Now is an excellent time to decide on a blog topic. You can be simple like me and describe your blog as being about "Life and digital privacy" or complex like this: "Balancing the Modern Lifestyle: A Blog on Navigating Digital Privacy in an Open Source World."

With that said, start a blog now and use your freedom to create the best and most original content on the internet!