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Release Notes

Branch: Ceremony

0.1.1-alpha April 19, 2024

  • Created the accessibility page;
  • Launched a guestbook!
  • Improved navbar design;
  • Fixed various Markup issues (Now passes Ntml Checker!);
  • Fixed typo on the homepage;
  • Fixed light redish text color;
  • Added favicon.

0.1.0-alpha March 26, 2024

This update comes with an all-new dark design with improvements on consistency and accessibility, and SurfKit is now being used for all the components.

  • All components have been moved to SurfKit, giving SurfScape a much more cohesive design;
  • Homepage has been redesigned with a simpler design and more content;
  • Mobile design has been totally redesigned and is much more usable;
  • Homepage is now optimized for mobile;
  • Font size and spacing are now dynamic for better usability on mobile;
  • Redesigned post layout for better reading;
  • Neocities directory is now the default tab shown when opening SurfScape directory;
  • Services directory is now hidden as it is being reworked with new services and a new ranking system.

0.0.5-alpha February 22, 2024

  • New promotional banner for the upcoming stable release;
  • Kickstarted the SurfScape Network project page;
  • Added new upcoming service AdZone to the services page and footer;
  • Updated the privacy portal with the new design;
  • Updated the footer links.

0.0.4-alpha February 17, 2024

  • Kickstarted accessibility page;
  • Cleaned hero design a bit;
  • Assets cleanup.

0.0.3-alpha February 08, 2024

  • Minor design changes (main section and navbar);
  • Removed imprint page because it's not actually needed;
  • Kickstarted departments page for better contact & support;
  • General fixes on mobile (toolbar and homapage layout);
  • Redesigned footer (which now adapts to mobile).

0.0.2-alpha February 03, 2024

  • Fixed some typos - #6 by adarshrkumar;
  • Fix broken links in the about page;
  • Initialized the projects page;
  • Initialized the resources page.

0.0.1-alpha February 02, 2024

  • Initial alpha public release.