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Community - Retro Space

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Retro Space is our Discord community that pre-dates SurfScape. It's our second place of communication for updates and announcements but also a place to gather our community together.

There's only one requirement to join, which is to follow our guidelines/rules of community conduct which can be found below.
When you're ready, join the server from the iframe below, happy chatting!


  1. Be kind to others - Be respectful to everyone, we don't allow swearing, racism, or other type of degenerate language.
  2. No spamming - We are strict with spamming, from text, GIFs, stickers, or links. The maximum limit is 5 and if you max that limit you get muted for 10 minutes, and if suffer 3 violations, you get kicked.
  3. No NSFW - We do not allow NSFW content in any way (with/out CW). This applies from general sexual content (porn, art), to more degenerate content like gore. However, you can contact the moderation team if the content is not that explicit and you are the owner of that content.
  4. Promotions/Advertising - We like to have a free, sharing, community, but you need to verify to promote your content (this only includes Discord servers or social media, art is fine as long as it is posted in the art channel). If you'd like to get permission to promote, contact our moderation team.